Architectural & Specialty Lighting Design by Lighting Dynamic

Architectural & Specialty Lighting Design by Lighting Dynamci, a division of M/E Engineering

To learn how we can apply lighting design services to your project, contact:

Calvin J. Puffer, P.E. LEED ® AP, Principal
M/E Engineering, P.C.
Suite 320, 60 Lakefront Blvd.
Buffalo, New York 14202
Phone: 716.845.5092

Lighting Dynamic is a division of M/E Engineering P.C. dedicated to architectural and specialty lighting design. We believe there is a strong need for enhanced and specialty lighting designers that work seamlessly with the Architectural and Engineering team. Lighting Dynamic designers have the expertise to design architectural lighting and controls for a wide range of project types and sizes addressing interiors, building facades and exterior areas.

Lighting Dynamic will strive to work directly with owners and architects on projects requiring enhanced attention to lighting details, budgets, energy usage and controls. Integrating into architecture energy efficient designs that utilize the latest lighting technologies.

Lighting Dynamic consists of Lighting Certified (LC) professionals awarded by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP). Lighting Dynamic designers and engineers share a strong passion for lighting research and continued education.



The following Lighting Dynamic services are available to enhance your project:

  1. Custom Architectural Lighting design layouts, details, schedules and specifications.
  2. Computer generated realistic calculations and renderings.
  3. Complete Dimming, Day lighting and Building control Integration designs.
  4. Commissioning, aiming and final programming of lighting installations.
  5. Lighting design for LEED and Model Lighting Ordinance type projects.
  6. Custom and Modification specialty Fixture designs.
  7. Life safety and emergency design, PE stamped documents.
  8. Photometric readings and light level assessment reports for existing facilities. 

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