U of R River Campus

Biomedical Engineering/Optics Building

Rochester, NY

Project Highlights

Design of a 100,000 SF 5-story teaching and research laboratory promoting innovative interdisciplinary research.  This highly charged, creative atmosphere resulting from the co-location of BME and Optics will attract top medical optics faculty and produce medical optic programs (undergraduate, masters and doctoral) of the finest quality.  The program includes flexible teaching/laboratory space, faculty offices, shared conference rooms, a 50 and 100 seat lecture hall, a five-story atrium/lobby space and an area dedicated to Institute Ventures.

Designing an energy efficient, highly flexible building with a robust infrastructure adaptable to future renovations without adversely affecting adjacent spaces.  To meet this goal, M/E designed a vertical “ladder” style supply and exhaust system with dual parallel exhaust and supply units.  The laboratory services were arranged in the same ladder style to allow for maximum flexibility.  Each lab will be set up with an independent lab control panel with a graphic display to allow the EH&S staff to independently select room occupied and unoccupied air change rates and pressurization off-set based upon the current occupancy.


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