Firm History

In the later part of 1991, Al Casey, Ron Mead, Bill Liberto and Joe Straub joined together to start M/E Engineering, which was later incorporated in the early part of 1992 as M/E Engineering, P.C.. From the very start, the direction was to focus on the core expertise of mechanical and electrical engineering and not have the experience base diluted by providing services that were not part of the core skillset.  Over the subsequent years the firm continued to grow in Rochester NY by providing services throughout New York State.

In 1996, M/E Engineering opened its Buffalo NY office. For the next three years, the office saw steady growth but tripled in size with M/E Engineering's acquisition of Buffalo based engineering firm Wilson, Klaes, Brucker, and Worden in 1999.  With the increasing size of the firm, the need to expand the leadership of the firm became apparent. In 1999, Tony Thomas, Cal Puffer, John Dredger, Bruce Knapp, and Jim Chatelle were added to the management team and became shareholders of the firm.

With M/E Engineering's expanding presence, Al Casey, as President of the firm, oversaw company operations from the Rochester NY location. This in turn resulted in Ron Mead, Vice President, assuming responsibility for the operations in the Rochester office and Bill Liberto, Vice President, assuming responsibility for the operations in the Buffalo office.

With continued growth from clients throughout New York State, as well as work stretching into other areas, M/E Engineering opened an office in 2003 in Albany's Capital District. Vice President Joe Straub relocated to the Albany NY area to oversee operations of the Capital District office (Schenectady NY).

Additionally, in 2004 M/E Engineering opened an office in Syracuse NY, which houses the Computer Aided Engineering Services Group. This group specializes in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling.

Continued growth after 2004 resulted in the need to further expand the leadership team. In 2011, Brian Danker (Rochester office) and Dave Schlant (Buffalo office) joined the leadership team and became shareholders in the firm. The leadership team was further expanded in 2015 to include Mike Sullivan (Schenectady office) as a shareholder.

2016 saw the retirement of Al Casey as President of M/E Engineering. Ron Mead assumed the role of President of the company and continues to oversee company-wide operations from the Rochester office.  John Dredger was named Vice President and now oversees operations of the Rochester office.

The beginning of 2017 marked the 25 anniversary of the incorporation of M/E Engineering, P.C. It is due to the loyal, dedicated employees of M/E Engineering, P.C. that the firm has grown to nearly 200 people and continues to provide "Value-Driven Solutions" to our clients across the US focusing on the core strengths of mechanical and electrical engineering.

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