Research & Laboratory

MEP Engineering Services
for Research & Laboratory Spaces

M/E Engineering has been involved in the design, retrofit, and commissioning of numerous laboratory projects. These projects have included design services for the following laboratory types:

  • General Chemistry
  • Radio-Chemistry
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Hospital and Clinical
  • Biological Containment
  • Animal Isolation/Clean Rooms
  • Materials Testing
  • Electronics/Instrumentation
  • Biological/Microbiological
  • Physical and Therapeutic Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Translational/Clinic

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Our varied experience enables us to provide ergonomic engineering designs that are uniquely matched to the users' needs. We also possess the capability to further analyze the space needs through CFD Modeling. This helps to ensure our designs are efficient, cost-effective, and safe for those occupying the space. 

We not only design spaces, but we are also actively involved in research to help develop design tools that will aid in the initial layout of the laboratory system and in the operation of these spaces from an energy and safety standpoint.

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