U of R Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Omega EP Laser Addition

Rochester, NY

Project Highlights

An 85,000 SF addition to the existing Lab for Laser Energetics accommodates the addition of a one petawatt laser beam to the University’ Omega fusion laser system.  The new four beam petawatt laser is designed to allow coincident shots on the same target as the existing 60 beam Omega laser.  The Omega upgrade is a world-class laser being used to study fusion by heating and imploding a target pellet filled with hydrogen isotopes.  The process is seen as key to meeting the earth’s energy needs and an important part of the international effort to master fusion. 

M/E developed a complete 3-D computer model of the entire 51,000 SF class “1000” laser bay over the top of a class “1000” laser sources room with more than 250 interconnecting floor penetrations through a 30 inch thick suspended concrete slab.  This model included all HVAC equipment, ductwork, laser utility piping, cable tray, sprinkler piping, electrical busways and building structure.  The model was then overlayed with the 3-D user model created by the LLE to eliminate installation conflicts, ensure adequate service clearance and verify proper laser service connections.


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