Hospitality & Entertainment

We have been successfully involved in the Hospitality, Gaming and Entertainment markets for over twenty years and have teamed with national architects for the design of a variety of distinctive projects throughout the United States.

Our gaming projects are designed and constructed in a "fast track" manner so that the facility owners can open their doors as quickly as possible. Our experienced, multi-disciplined staff have been able to enhance the guest experience with intricate, energy efficient designs that provide unique environments with high air quality and customized specialty lighting.

We work closely with zoological architects for the development of authentic environments and displays for various types of animals. These unique projects engage, educate and entertain the visiting public.

We also work intimately with theatre design architects and acoustical consultants on historic, renovated and new performing arts centers. These projects require specialty sound systems, adaptive and specialty lighting and HVAC systems that prevent acoustical anomalies.

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