M/E Engineering Helps Company Safely Return to the Office

CFD Modeling - Employee Safety

CFD Modeling used to analyze airborne contaminants around employees in office space.

With thoughts of their workforce returning to the office, HOLT Architects of Ithaca was concerned about their employees' safety and wanted to define the benefits of wearing a mask. They came to M/E Engineering to perform a computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of their office space to compare their work space with and without employee masks. The analysis took into account the office arrangement, furniture, airflow patterns, barriers and people's placement. 

CFD engineering analysis results included visualizations of air flow/speed, temperature patterns, and airborne particulate concentrations. The CFD modeling gave them the detailed facts to make decisions that positively affected their employees' lives. CFD modeling can be used for wind wake, thermal gradients, particulate concentrations, and many other applications.

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3 Coughs without a mask
3 Coughs with a mask
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