201 Ellicott Street

Energy Services

Buffalo, NY

Project Highlights

This 200,000 SF apartment building known as 201 Ellicott Street is Buffalo’s featured “Mobility Hub” project.  The City of Buffalo made a zoning change, eliminating minimum parking requirements to accommodate this project and enabled it to be built without a parking garage.  This encouraged the use of public transportation and walkability.  There are 26 parking spaces to service the adjacent food market which was included in the project to strengthen food security in this former food desert.  Sidewalks are wider and there is a pull-up-zone for ride hailing services.  Interior long-term bike storage and a bike fix station are also included.  This project blends fresh food, affordable housing, mobility and public art.  The art is provided by Josef Kristo’s stunning painted mural. 

M/E Role

To obtain Energy Star certification and ensure an energy efficient building, we provided energy services and inspections for the apartment building. Energy modeling, which was utilized throughout the design process to support design decisions, demonstrated an as-built savings of 20.9% source energy beyond code requirements. We inspected all items relating to energy efficiency, including windows, insulation, air barriers, ductwork, air source heat pumps, dedicated outdoor air systems, lighting, controls, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures to verify proper installation for the high-performance building.
Dwelling units use Energy Star certified cold climate air-source heat pumps, in conjunction with variable refrigerant flow systems in the common areas.
Ventilation is provided via a dedicated outdoor air system with 70.6% total energy recovery.
Domestic hot water is produced by central Energy Star instantaneous water heaters and Water Sense plumbing fixtures.
All lighting is provided by high efficiency LED fixtures, and power is further reduced through automatic controls.
Exterior walls are constructed with continuous R-19 insulation to ensure unbroken air barrier.
All eligible appliances, including the central laundry, are Energy Star certified.


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