Binghamton University

Energy R&D Building

CFD Studies

Binghamton, NY

Project Highlights

  • In support of MEP work, CFD modeling was conducted for Lab Safety and HVAC optimization as well as wind wake analysis for laboratory exhausts and generators.
  • For Interior Laboratory spaces: A large laboratory and a small fume hood dominated room were evaluated. 6 ACH were used for rooms not dominated by fume hood exhaust volume.
  • For Wind Dispersion Modeling: 360º of prevailing wind directions (in 10º increments) was tested. Highly detailed 3D model (with topology) was created.  

Laboratory CFD modeling was used to guide HVAC design team towards an efficient and safe design. Design changes as a result of the CFD modeling included: moving return chases down to floor in areas where there is a potential for spills and supply diffuser locations were moved.

Wind Wake Dispersion modeling was used to determine potential for laboratory stack re-entrainment. The resulting modeling showed that under a specific wind direction that the exhaust was attaching to the curved roof - which is a phenomenon that they were observing in the field as this model was created after the building was constructed.


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