Canalside Longshed

Canalside Buffalo Waterfront

MEP Design

Buffalo, NY

Project Highlights

The Buffalo Maritime Center is the first tenant to occupy the Longshed Building.  Over their 3-year lease, they will build a canal boat by hand in this building.  It is expected that the second tenant will bring a very different use to the building, so our designs had to incorporate enough infrastructure to support the potential occupancies and allow enough flexibility to ensure they can be modified to suit the next tenant.

The HVAC system includes a boiler and radiant heating system due to the large volume of the space, a heat recovery ventilation unit and an option for a variable refrigerant flow system.  The electrical systems include power distribution, lighting controls, fire alarm and security systems.  The plumbing systems were designed to be modified later to provide more plumbing fixtures in public restrooms.  The fire suppression systems include a wet sprinkler system in the building and a dry sprinkler system to protect beneath the outdoor canopy.

M/E Role

HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical engineering design for the construction of approximately 6,000 square feet for the Longshed building at Canalside.


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