Center For Collaborative Medicine - CFD Modeling

Buffalo, NY

Project Highlights

(4) CFD studies were completed to analyze various design challenges concerning the Conventus Medical Office Building complex and surrounding urban area.

HVAC Engineering: Under Ground Parking Garage Ventilation

Purpose was to evaluate the airflow patterns and the concentration levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) at peak parking periods. Initial design failed to meet CO concentration criteria. Engineers re-designed ventilation and achieved roughly

75% reduction in CO. Only through CFD modeling were engineers able to achieve such reduction, which allowed a variance request to reduce ventilation rates saving the owner several million dollars over the life of the building.

Helipad Landing Site

A transient study was completed which showed the exhaust fumes from a helicopter planned for the new Children’s Hospital during an approach and landing.

Wind Dispersion Modeling

Multiple transient wind wake studies were completed to aid the engineers in determining potential for re-entrainment and public health for various exhaust stacks. 360 degrees of incoming wind (in ten degree increments) were analyzed and plotted against exhaust concentrations at intakes. 3D visual output was used to observe the concentration of exhaust in all public areas surrounding the MOB. Very detailed exhaust stack geometry was drawn into the model to give realistic exhaust throw from the stacks that simple stack geometry cannot accurately accomplish.

Pedestrian Windscreen Analysis

Used CFD modeling to show wind loading on proposed wind screen and the size of wake which was produced from each screen based on position and orientation of windscreen. Fine detail of actual wind screens down to 1/4" tolerance to show wind reduction at the building’s main entrance and loading effects not achievable in other modeling techniques. Wind loading on the wind screens was calculated and communicated to the wind screen manufacturer to ensure the structural tolerance of their screens was met.

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