St. John's Meadows

Brickstone Senior Community

Rochester, NY

Project Highlights

St. John’s Brickstone community is aimed for active seniors and includes 40 apartments in the main building, 9 townhouses and 53 bungalow units.  This village-like community has been designed with New Urbanism principles in mind; it is a relatively small, pedestrian-friendly cluster development that includes amenities such as shops and cafes within walking distance to the bungalow homes. The central winter-garden will serve as a gathering space for Brickstone residents as well as the greater Town of Brighton community.


The MEP/FP designs overcame challenges related to the commercial spaces on the first floor with resident apartments above.  The HVAC design utilized a roof well to house condensing unit, make-up air and exhaust in order to hide the HVAC equipment from street side views.


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