The Seventy-Six

Mixed-Use Residential Building

Albany, NY

Project Summary

The Seventy-Six complex is the world's first triple net-zero development.  This award winning project revitalizes the community of the historic South End.  The Seventy-Six complex explores new boundaries in sustainable development while being environmentally conscious and economically and socially considerate.

Designed by Garrison Architects, the complex consists of three (3) mixed use buildings including Building  A, a seven (7) story mixed use building of approximately 40,320 square feet, Building B, a nine (9) story mixed use building of approximately 136,080 square feet, and Building C, a seven (7) story mixed use building of approximately 40,320 square feet. The buildings are comprised of studio, one, two and three bedroom apartments and first floor commercial spaces to support apartments (barber shop, daycare, etc.).

The building will be constructed with steel framing with a modular construction system comprised of factory built braced steel framed units.  The MEP scope will be coordinated with the modular system, and the systems coordinated with an energy consultant to meet the requirements of Passive House, Triple Net Zero Energy, Sustainability and the NYSERDA Building of Excellence Program.

M/E Engineering is responsible for the HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical engineering design and analysis for the construction of approximately 216,000 square feet of mixed use space, achieving Triple Net Zero Energy Standard.

MEP engineering systems include hybrid solar thermal and photovoltaic system deployed on solar canopies on the roofs and overhanging the courtyards, excess energy will be stored in batteries on site and sold to the grid, energy consumption will meet or exceed Passive House Standards, storm water will be stored on site, grey water will be treated on site, rain water and grey water will be used for irrigation, recycling, composting for re-purposing and converting solid waste to energy, storm water will be stored on the roof and heated by solar to be used to provide preheated water for domestic purposes. In the current plan, geothermal ground coupled water to water, variable refrigerant flow systems will be implemented to provide heating and cooling to the buildings. LED lighting with occupancy and bi-level lighting controls will be featured in the project.

Award Winning Design!

This project has received the following awards:

  • NYSERDA Building of Excellence
  • Blue Ribbon Award for Design Excellence by the Architectural League
The Seventy Six - NYSERDA Buildings of Excellence

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Albany, New York


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