U of R Eastman School of Music

Enhancements & Theatre Renovations

Rochester, NY

Project Highlights

Eastman Theatre Enhancements

  • Right sizing of the Eastman Theatre
  • Improved acoustics in the Eastman Theatre
  • ADA access to every level in the Eastman Theatre
  • New bathrooms to serve Eastman Theatre
  • Expanded lobby with amenities
  • Updated mechanical and electrical systems
  • Recital Hall for small venues and recording space.

Eastman School of Music Program Enhancements

  • Rehearsal Hall - The new construction will include a rehearsal space for large orchestra ensembles.
  • Access between Old Sibley Library and the Addition - This will allow students to continue to use the existing internal connections between facilities with access to the addition.
  • Additional Rehearsal Spaces, Faculty Studios and Offices - These spaces will be used daily to support teaching, rehearsals and performances.


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