University at Buffalo - North Campus

Cooke Hall Boiler Replacement

Amherst, NY

Project Highlights

M/E Engineering was the lead design professional for the installation of two high pressure steam boilers and associated deaerator/boiler feed system to supplement an existing steam generator.

The existing high pressure steam system consisted of a single gas fired boiler which carried the humidification and lab sterilization equipment load, for this particular building. The building steam load could not be interrupted due to humidification and animal husbandry requirements.

M/E Role

We designed a stand-alone boiler system in an existing mechanical room including, two, 104 BHP gas fired, flexible water tube boilers that could run independently of the existing plant. We replaced the existing deaerator but configured the new equipment to share all the existing ancillary equipment such as stacks, water softener, chemical feed system, surge tank with condensate transfer pumps, full instrumentation, SCADA system, and structural access platforms.

The new boilers had to be configured to share the existing stack, which could not be replaced or enlarged, requiring draft control dampers and synchronization.


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