Shea's Theatre - Theatre Upgrade


The landmark 4,000 seat theater was refurbished and the stage extended 50 feet in depth to qualify for use by traveling Broadway shows. The upgrades were needed to restore the theatre's historical elegance and modernize the infrastructure to meet current standards.

M/E Role

Design of the HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems for the renovated theatre included:

  • New rigging grid and power distribution.
  • New electric service and connections for road show use.
  • Unique ice storage cooling system allows shutting off compressors during performances.
  • Accomplished
  • Designed decentralized dimming with dimming at individual fixtures controlled by computer rather than dimmer boards.
  • Addressable fire alarm system to prevent performance smoke from falsely alarming the building.
  • Modernization with tel/data and office/support spaces housed in a new four-story addition.


Integrating modern HVAC and electrical systems into a historically significant structure without diminishing the theatre’s unique beauty or compromising modern functionality.

Buffalo, New York