Erie County Medical Center Terrace View

Long Term Care Facility

Buffalo, NY

Project Highlights

A new 390 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility located adjacent to Erie County Medical Center.  The facility is a complete replacement of the Erie County Home and ranks as one of the largest nursing homes in the region.  Nursing beds include four connected structures with 20-bed clusters of semi-private rooms and courtyards on each floor.  It consists of 268 long-term care beds, 16 beds for patients with memory impairment, 66 beds for short-term patients rehabilitating from hospital care, 20 beds for children with profound disabilities, 20 beds for residents on ventilators and a behavioral intervention unit. 

The ECM's implemented resulted in the following annual reductions:    

Electric: 840 kWH/yr. ($63,000/yr.)
Peak Demand: 198 KW
Fossil Fuel:  68 Therms ($56,000/yr.)
NOx Emissions: 1,944 lbs./yr.
SOx Emissions: 2,525 lbs./yr.
CO2 Emissions:   1,716,814 lbs./yr.




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