Monroe Community College

Master Plan and Cogeneration Plant

Project Highlights

Design-Build project with Siemens for a 4160 volt, 5400 KW Cogeneration Plant to serve the Monroe Community College electric load in parallel with Rochester Gas & Electric.  Hot water heating rejection is used to serve the campus domestic hot water load, the 2,400 gpm central hot water system and a 400 ton absorption chiller.  In addition, the central plant includes (2) 800 ton water cooled centrifugal chillers with constant speed primary and a 4500 gpm variable speed secondary pumping system to serve the entire campus. 

Four (4) natural gas driven, resistance grounded paralleled prime power generators were used.  This connected to the campus 34.5 kV switches with an additional circuit breaker and associated protective relaying and batteries.  Protective relaying included SEL and Beckwith systems.  The project also included 34.5 to 4.16 kV transformer and associated switchgear


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