University of Massachusetts

Physical Sciences Building

Amherst, MA

The Physical Sciences Building (PSB) provides a mix of flex laboratories and office space to accommodate a wide variety of physics, computational, and synthetic chemistry research. At 82,500 square feet spread across three flexible levels, the building is designed to be reconfigured many times over its life to serve evolving research needs.

As part of the project, the existing West Experiment Station (WES) was disassembled, relocated, and rebuilt on a brand new foundation. Interior renovations to the WES increased its usable space by 50%. The rehabilitated structure now houses 20 faculty and graduate student offices from the departments of Physics and Chemistry. Interior bridges connect the Physical Sciences Building to the WES and neighboring Goessmann Laboratory.

Kenneth Swan - ME Engineering

"M/E Engineering P.C. provides commissioning and retro-commissioning services for both new construction and renovation projects.  Our extensive experience ranges from 10,000 SF medical office buildings to 300,000 SF research facilities and acute care hospitals.  Past clients include NYSOGS, University of Massachusetts, Kaleida Health, and State University Construction Fund."

- Kenneth J. Swan, Associate

Commissioning Services Provided

  • Design Review Services
  • Submittal Review
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Checklist & Test Procedure Document Development
  • Witness System Testing
  • Maintain Issues & Resolutions Log
  • On-Site Commissioning
  • IAQ Testing
  • DDC System Verification
  • Final Commissioning Record

Commissioning Services Addressed the Following

  • Energy Recovery Units
  • Custom Air Handling Units
  • Split AC Condensing Units
  • Fans Supply/Exhaust Fans
  • Non Lab Space VAV's
  • Fin Tube Radiation Controls
  • Pumping Systems
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Steam Humidifiers
  • Condensate Pumps with Receivers
  • Steam Pressure Reducing Station
  • Steam/Condensate Flow Meters
  • Electrical Humidifiers
  • Electrical Distribution Switchgear
  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Ductwork Distribution System
  • Air/Water Testing & Balancing
  • Water Side Testing & Balancing
  • Sprinkler System (Wet, Dry, Foam)
  • Specialty Gases
  • RO/DI System
  • PH Neutralization System
  • Vacuum Pump and Storage Tank
  • Nitrogen Bulk Tank & Distribution System
  • Fuel Oil Pumping System
  • Emergency Showers
  • Emergency Generator, Transfer Switches
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Card Access/Security System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • VRF Units and Condensing Units
  • Fume Hood/Laboratory Controls
      Including: Room Pressurization Controls


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