© John Greibsch

© John Greibsch

© John Greibsch

University of Rochester - Lab for Laser Energetics - Omega EP Addition


An 85,000 SF addition to the existing Lab for Laser Energetics accommodates the addition of a one petawatt laser beam to the University’ Omega fusion laser system.  The new four beam petawatt laser is designed to allow coincident shots on the same target as the existing 60 beam Omega laser.  The Omega upgrade is a world-class laser being used to study fusion by heating and imploding a target pellet filled with hydrogen isotopes.  The process is seen as key to meeting the earth’s energy needs and an important part of the international effort to master fusion.  The building and laser construction is estimated as a $140M project. 

M/E Role

M/E Engineering completed the mechanical/electrical design for the Omega Extended Performance Laser Addition.  The project included:

  • New 750 KW Emergency Generator to keep the entire laser system operational and within control tolerances.
  • 30,000+ SF of Class "1000" and "100" clean rooms designed to operate at a tolerance of 1/2 degree F and 5% RH over the entire 25 ft. height.
  • Central vacuum system for spatial filters with 4 in. to 12 in. stainless steel vacuum piping.
  • Complete new grounding and EMI protection.
  • 80 gpm, 18 Mohm DI water system.
  • New central chilled water plant, steam and hot water boiler systems.
  • Laser utility piping for 80 psi nitrogen, compressed air, 230 psi helium, and a glycol instrument cooling loop.
  • Complete PLC system for monitoring laser utilities.
  • Building and laser bay access control system.

Rochester, NY