Our Process

Planning for a Successful Engineering Project

Build a Good Team

  • From clean room design to installing circadian rhythm lighting systems, the M/E team has a tremendous amount of experience with any type of engineering project.

Do your Homework Up Front

  • Utilize a Basis of Design Document that captures the scope of the project as well as a method to achieve the design parameters.
  • Perform extensive fieldwork upfront and document existing conditions in a 3-D model.
  • Perform detailed cost estimating at the beginning of the project and continually throughout the project. All estimating is performed in-house. Although it would be easy to farm out the cost estimating, we feel strongly that this work should be performed by the actual designers.
  • Prepare a detailed project schedule including construction activities right from the beginning. By having the designers prepare a project schedule, they can account for impacts in design as well as the cost implications of choices made during design. This minimizes delays during construction.

Utilize the Most Current Technologies and Techniques in Engineering

  • Utilize 3-D modeling software and modeling techniques to minimize installation issues.
  • Schedules are prepared in Microsoft project and can be handled in PDF format for those who do not have the software.
  • Work progress is continually tracked on the schedule each week to ensure the project is kept on schedule. This information is used to hold the contractor accountable as well as forcing them to develop a plan to get back on schedule.
  • We employ cutting-edge techniques like CFD modeling to ensure system performance during design. This enables us to have a comfort level with compromises actually working and performing to current standards

Follow Through

  • This team of professionals has and continues to work with the client from the start of the project through completion. They remain current in design standards and preferred methods of installation.
  • The team is regularly on-site to help work through installation issues but continues long after the installation by helping to resolve operational issues.

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Our clients benefit from the extensive participation of our experienced engineers on every project.


Generalized Approach

Hands-on and collaborative best describe our approach to every project. This approach allows us to gain a full understanding of your project and provide you with the best solutions to meet your specific needs. Our clients benefit from the extensive participation of our experienced engineers on every project.



We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients and use proven processes and procedures to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. One of the most critical steps in this process is the project kick-off phase. During the project kick-off, we are able to gain a full understanding of your project goals and objectives and establish schedules, communication strategies, and finalize budgets.


Research and Planning

The next step to the successful implementation of your project builds on the information gathered during the kick-off meeting. The Research Phase allows M/E Engineering to dig deeper into your project through listening, further information gathering, as well as field investigations. During the Research Phase, we are also able to identify any challenges and develop solutions to address them before construction begins.



The Design Phase is one of the most critical steps in the project process. During the Design Phase, we calculate equipment and system requirements, develop system flow diagrams, select equipment, develop plans and sections, prepare specifications, assist with agency plan check, and prepare biddable construction documents. Information gathered in the Kick-off, Research and Planning, and Design Phases are combined to create a final work plan and budget.



During the Construction Phase, we adhere to the requirements and specifications developed during the Planning and Design Phase and work in collaboration with the Owner and Contractor to help ensure project deliverables are met. M/E Engineering provides engineering assistance: reviews equipment submittals, answers contractor, requests-for-information (RFI), attends construction meetings, and helps to resolve change orders. M/E Engineering also conducts on-site construction reviews and sustainability consulting.


Post Construction Review

After the final delivery of the project and when systems have been running for several months, M/E Engineering will often schedule a Post Construction Review meeting. During this review, M/E Engineering completes a post occupancy and construction walk-through to determine any adjustments or modifications needed. This process ensures your overall satisfaction and success of your project.

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