Lighting Dynamic is a division of M/E Engineering P.C. dedicated to architectural lighting design and lighting engineering. We believe there is a strong need for enhanced lighting designers that work seamlessly with the Architectural and Engineering team. Lighting Dynamic lighting design engineers have the expertise to design specialty lighting and controls for a wide range of project types and sizes addressing interiors, building facades and exterior areas.

Lighting Dynamic's focus is on projects requiring enhanced attention to lighting details, budgets, energy usage and controls. Integrating into architecture energy efficient designs that utilize the latest lighting technologies. From sustainable lighting design to emergency lighting systems as well as unique lighting design such as circadian rhythm lighting systems and tunable lighting, the Lighting Dynamic division at M/E Engineering has the experience to work within the most unique lighting design projects.

Lighting Dynamic consists of Lighting Certified (LC) professionals awarded by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP). Lighting Dynamic lighting designers and engineers share a strong passion for lighting research and continued education.


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To learn how we can apply lighting design services to your project, contact:

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Architectural Lighting Design Services

The following Lighting Dynamic services are available to enhance your project:

  • Photometric calculation
  • Realistic rendering images
  • Detailed fixture selection package and sample review with client
  • Scaled mock-up coordination
  • Coordinated dimming and control system design
  • Fixture aiming drawings or in-field fixture aiming
  • Custom fixture design
  • Architectural mounting and aiming details
  • Revit modeling
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • A/V and lighting integration
  • Lighting systems commissioning

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