Syracuse University - Art Galleries - Special Exhibition Humidification Study


Engineering study to evaluate the Lowe Art Center's (SUArt Museum) ability to maintain gallery space humidity and temperatures within the relatively tight limits required to support the criteria for rare art traveling exhibits, specifically in anticipation of the Michelangelo Exhibit.

M/E Role

Provide assessment of existing mechanical and electrical systems with regard to providing suitable design space environmental conditions.


The Lowe Art Gallery was originally and student center (Kitchen Cafeteria) built in 1947 and was converted to the Lowe Art Gallery, now the SUArt Museum, in 1974. The building was therefore not designed and constructed to provide the temperature and humidity limits required of a rare art facility. The Museum's heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems historically were unable to maintain space temperature and humidity levels within required limits during summer and winter months. The goal of the study was to provide multiple options that would allow for the University to decide on an approach that would either be:

  1. A temporary solution to just meet the requirements for the scheduled Michelangelo Exhibit and only for the duration of the show.
  2. An approach that would be the first step with regard to a permanent solution and would meet the requirements for the scheduled Michelangelo Exhibit.
  3. An approach that would be a permanent solution to allow for hosting traveling exhibits any time of the year.

Syracuse, NY