Rundel Library - Expansion


Construction of the new 4-Story Bausch & Lomb Library building and renovation of the original Rundel Memorial Building.  The new building provided 100,000 SF of new climate controlled public area, and is linked below grade to the existing Rundel Memorial Building.  The first floor of the existing Rundel Memorial Building was renovated and continues to provide public library services.  The remainder of the Rundel Building houses the library's support and administrative functions.  This project included a new data/telecommunications system and integration with the Monroe County Library Systems Wide Area Network.

M/E Role

Design of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical and data/telecommunications systems for the new Bausch & Lomb Library Building; the below grade link to the Rundel Memorial Building, as well as lighting, electrical and HVAC systems retrofits for the historical Rundel Memorial Library Building.


Working in conjunction with the architectural, structural and civil engineering components of LaBella Associates (Rochester, NY) and design architect William Rawn Associates (Boston, MA) along with an owner team consisting of the Rundel Library, Monroe County and the City of Rochester (and their construction manager), the design requirements of the Library and the project's budgetary constraints, while keeping the existing Rundel Memorial Library in service and linking it to the new facility.

Rochester, New York