United States Military Academy - West Point Chapel


Provide UL listed lightning protection system for the chapel on the West Point campus, with detailed coordination to interface with the historic nature of the building.

M/E Role

Design of a UL listed "Faraday Cage" lightning protection system, including the "Rolling Sphere" analysis method, air terminals, down conductors, grounding locations, and ground terminals.  The design provided multiple least resistance pathways to ground and stable ground connections.


Providing a system that would be functional, but also esthetically appealing proved to be challenging.  The architectural elements of the building, as well as the size of the structure required extensive coordination for placement of system roof components. Prior to the selection of the "Faraday Cage" system, two other systems were analyzed.  One was the "Cone of Protection" method and the second was the "Early Streamer Emission System".

West Point, NY