Rochester City School District - Central Office Computer Room - Master Plan


Existing Data Center consisted of perpendicular rows and asymmetric cooling caused hot spots in the Data Center. Also, most of the Data Center equipment was not on the UPS power. Phase 1 started a phased rearrangement of the layout to create "hot" and "cold" aisles. A cable tray system was installed as well as an 80 kW N+1 UPS to handle most of the equipment. Replaced various legacy equipment with high density blade style equipment. Phases II, III and IV will address elimination of main frame, additional high density blade style equipment, continuation of "hot" and "cold" aisles, UPS replacements, redundant power sources, electrical service, standby power, ambient base cooling as well as sensible spot cooling systems and fire protection systems.

M/E Role

Preliminary design of data center equipment and layout, multiple UPS systems, multiple sensible cooling systems, standby generator systems, cable tray systems.


Phasing of work in existing Data Center. High density 5kW blade servers increased demand on electrical and cooling systems.

Rochester, NY