HealthNow New York Headquarters - Data Center Relocation


New 450,000 SF facility for Health Insurance Office and Call Center.  The Developer, Duke Realty Corporation constructed this Class A office space for their tenant HealthNow New York Inc. following the U.S. Green Building Counsel's LEED certification process.

M/E Role

M/E Engineering, P.C. provided mechanical and electrical engineering and space planning of approximately 12,000 SF for the Data Center and support spaces.  In addition, M/E Engineering provided IT, voice and data communication cabling for the entire building.


Data Center design consists of providing multi-mode fiber optic cable, shielded coaxial cable, category 5e copper cable, 25 pair copper cable, equipment racks, cabinets, patch panels, cable management system via multi-level cable tray system, raised floor cable tray system, underfloor cable management system, computer room power distribution units, clean agent fire suppression systems and computer room air conditioning systems.

The HVAC system consists of nine computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units served by a condenser water loop sized for future cooling expansion and N+1 redundancy.  Redundant CRAC's are supported by N+1 redundant closed circuit coolers for heat rejection.  The condenser water loop is also sized for the future addition of refrigerant chillers and rack cooling units for high density rack servers.  Closed circuit coolers are oversized for dry operation to increase efficiency, provide "free" cooling and prevent freezing during the winter.

The electrical design consisted of lighting, power, grounding, fire alarm and telecommunications.  Uninterruptible power is provided by four UPS modules connected in parallel, the fourth being redundant backup.  The design allows for four (4) future UPS modules to be added in the future for a redundant source of power for dual corded loads.

The UPS System powers ten Power Distribution Units (PDU's).  Half the PDU's are redundant for the other five (5) PDU's.  In the future, the second UPS System will power five (5) of the PDU's and the original UPS System will power the other five (5) PDU's, to create a Source A and Source B for dual corded loads.

The entire Data Center is backed up by parallel 1000 kW emergency diesel generator.

The Data Center includes a 24 in. high raised floor under which all the branch power is distributed from the PDU's to the data racks.  Each data rack is powered from two (2) PDU's to allow dual corded equipment to be powered from a Source A and a Source B.  All branch wiring is distributed in cable trays under the raised floor.

Horizontal wiring consists of fiber optic and copper backbone cabling to local wiring closets serving over 2500 ports, copper cabling to individual voice and data outlet locations and copper cabling to multi-user outlet locations and multi-user outlets include port devices wired to landscape furniture partition system.  The building will utilize VOIP technology for voice communications.


The Data Center mechanical and electrical systems were initially designed as a Tier III Redundant System based on 75 watts/SF load density, but the requirements were relaxed during the design process to a Tier I Plus Category with a 35 watt/SF load density with the capability to increase redundancy and density in the future as required.

Green Building design elements incorporated into the Data Center included non-ozone depleting refrigerants, Econo Coil "free" cooling and the use of an alternative clean agent in lieu of FM200 for the fire suppression systems.

Buffalo, NY